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Greenwich Village: idk tonight’s Top 10 Date Night Picks

By: Lindsay Rothfeld

Oh, Greenwich Village, home to a handful of sports bars, cocktail lounges and, most importantly, live music venues. This is a neighborhood where you’ll simply never be bored or without a new place to try. Here are some of our favorite spots to check out in Greenwich Village any night of the week.

idk tonight's Top Ten Date Night Picks—Greenwich Village

The Up & Up
116 MacDougal Street, Manhattan

The Up & Up is a craft cocktail bar that’s easy to miss, but worth the stay. A beautiful interior with a really cool vibe (floral wallpaper and vintage posters line the walls)—this place is perfect for a date night with someone special. The cocktails are absolutely delicious with a selection of unique originals—our favorite is the Taste of Chez Juan filled to the rim with Cabeza tequila, tariquet armagnac, ginger and lime juice. After a trip to The Up & Up, with its darkly lit, romantic ambiance (and plenty of strong booze), there’s a large chance you and your date choose not to go home alone.

the up & up nyc
Credit: The Up & Up
64 West 10th Street, Manhattan

At Alta, tapas are always on tap. And who doesn’t love tapas? A hallmark of any good relationship is sharing your food, so small plates are always the way to go for date night. With an upstairs, downstairs and a little outdoor patio, you can be selective about the kind of vibe you’re looking for with your meal. The food is excellent, the menu taking on both a Mediterranean and Spanish flair. Definitely go for some bacon-wrapped dates, and of course, the sangria.

alta nyc
Credit: Alta
Carroll Place
157 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

This spot takes on many forms—it’s great for dinner, a boozy brunch, casual happy hour drinks or late-night dance parties. The actual building is pretty historic, dating back to the 1880s—so, you know, drinking here is both a recreational and educational experience. The drinks are great: specifically, we suggest the Agave Loco, a spicy take on a fruity margarita. The staff is friendly and the music’s always good. Honestly, you truly can’t go wrong with Carroll Place.

carroll place nyc
Credit: Carroll Place
2 West 8th Street, Manhattan

This quaint little wine bar in the village is definitely a hot spot for dates, day or night. And that’s for good reason. Your best bet is to get here around happy hour when half-glasses of three wines are $12, and we highly suggest opting for the wine flights so that you can explore flavors, and perhaps even pair them with complimentary charcuterie. The staff knows what they’re talking about, which is always appreciated at a wine bar where there are endless options on the menu. The vibe is cozy and romantic—it’s all very French.

amelie wine bar nyc
Credit: Amelie Wine Bar
Cafe Wha?
115 MacDougal Street, Manhattan

Cafe Wha? is everything you never knew you needed. Located in what looks like a dark basement, this live performance venue is truly a riot. You’ll see patrons of all ages on any night of the week. Here, you’ll dance, you’ll sing, you’ll laugh and you’ll probably make friends with another couple dancing beside you. Check their website for the line-up to ensure that the genre is what you’re looking for—but the performers are always fantastic. There are two seatings—an early and late-night—so consider that, too, when planning your night.

cafe wha nyc
Credit: Cafe Wha?

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The Astor Center
23 East 4th Street, Manhattan

In the mood to booze? Head over to the Astor Center for a cocktail class, wine tasting or food pairing lesson. See … learning can be fun! From “Wines of Spain” to “Whisky Smackdown,” any liquor lover is going to have a grand ‘ole time on this date. With tons of opportunities to create your own concoctions, these mixology classes are a great way to show off your personality and curiosity as well. It’s something to shake up (pun intended) your normal date night, and that’s always a good thing!

the astor center nyc
Credit: Venue Report
Tokyo Record Bar
27 MacDougal Street, Manhattan

You’re in for an experience at Tokyo Record Bar. The first step is snagging a reservation—plan in advance. Once you’re there, you’re shuffled into a small, intimate room at the back of the bar where beautiful wallpaper and flowers surround you. You’re given a glass of sake, snacks and a list of Vinyl music, as that’s their schtick. You each get to pick a song that the restaurant will play for you, so you are the other diners are connected through music. This is a prix-fixe ($50 per person), 7-course meal of Japanese cuisine; portions are not too hefty, but also filling enough. It’s a cool place to try at least once.

tokyo record bar nyc
Credit: Tokyo Record Bar
Comedy Cellar
1267, 117 Macdougal Street, Manhattan

Break up the dinner and drinks routine with a trip to Comedy Cellar where you may just see someone like Jerry Seinfeld drop by for an impromptu set. Comedy Cellar is one of the most renowned jokes joints in NYC, aka it’s pretty popular and you’ll want to make a reservation ahead of time. Like most comedy venues, there is a two-item minimum, but comedy’s better when you’re a few drinks in, right? Even if the only show you can reserve on your desired night is on the later side, it’s smack dab in a bar-heavy area of Greenwich Village, so you can always pop around before the actual show begins.

comedy cellar nyc
Credit: New York Magazine
Terra Blues
149 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

The blues are alive in NYC! At Terra Blues, you feel like you’ve been transported to the streets of NOLA where jazz permeates through the air and live music is a shared language. The music performers that take the stage here are of the highest caliber, the drinks and food are on-point and the vibe oozes cool. Evenings always open with an acoustic set and as the night progresses, a traditional 4-piece band will take the stage. Terra Blues also has the largest whiskey collection of any performance venue in the world. Go.

terra blues nyc
Credit: Terra Blues
19 West 8th Street, Manhattan

Portraits of Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, and other jazz legends welcome you as enter this cocktail bar in the heart of Greenwich Village. There’s a very powerful vintage feel to the atmosphere of the bar’s interior, and the bar’s name should say it all—it’s an escape from the digital world, for sure. There’s a spicy mezcal cocktail called Guernica that’ll wake up your senses, an awesome food collection, and weekly jazz performances. Why wouldn’t you stop by Analogue?

analogue nyc
Credit: Analogue

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