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Williamsburg: idk tonight’s Top 10 Date Night Picks

By: Lindsay Rothfeld

Brooklyn can be a great choice of borough for date activities because of its overall nonchalant attitude and eclectic selection of venues. Williamsburg, in particular, has many great options to choose from. Whether you’re seeking a laid-back divey bar vibe, upscale cocktail den, or an off-the-beaten-path activity, Williamsburg is the right stop for you. Not to mention, for non-Brooklyn dwellers, you might as well take advantage before the L train goes out of commission…RIP.

idk tonight's Top Ten Date Night Picks—Williamsburg

St. Mazie
345 Grand Street, Brooklyn

This place is a gem. Why? There’s dim lighting, cozy seating, great food and drink choices, and live music. Truly, enough said. St. Mazie is definitely one of the better-known date spots in Williamsburg, and whether this is a first date or 15th date, it’s a perfect spot for all. The music will range from jazz to flamenco to folk, and on weekends, you can order tickets online in advance. The ambiance is very romantic and kind of makes you feel like you’re on a vacation away from the divey bars you’ll find in most parts of NYC. As for the menu, go for the steamed mussels and mezcal cocktails to which we give five stars.

Credit: St. Mazie
135 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn

You may not be able to find the entrance to Featherweight unless you look up. Literally look for a three-story-tall mural of a boxer towering above the hidden door. Yes, it’s a speakeasy, and yes, it’s very romantic. While the drinks are what you might call a “fancy cocktail,” the vibe is way more relaxed than you might expect. One of Featherweight’s best attributes is its bartenders who will whip up a concoction for you based on your preferences—they really know their stuff. Fun fact: you can also enter Featherweight through a “secret” door in the back of eatery Sweet Science. Not so fun fact: this bar is cash-only.

Credit: Featherweight, Facebook
Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

Dine-in movie theaters are all the rage these days, and Nitehawk was one that started the trend. So while iPic and Alamo Drafthouse are swell, Nitehawk Cinema is truly the NYC OG. What also stands out about Nitehawk is the eclectic selection of films each month. While you can surely find a new release here, the bread and butter(ed popcorn) of Nitehawk are indie films and cult classics. There are always interesting film series rotating through the theater, like Films by Females, Country Brunchin’, Horror Movies @ Midnight, and more. And, of course, like all dine-in theaters, you can order food and drinks to your seat throughout the film, which is basically the dream.

Credit: Nitehawk Cinema
Rough Trade
64 North 9th Street, Brooklyn

If you really want to be all hip and cool when picking a date spot, why not head to a vinyl shop? At Rough Trade, you’re getting a lot more than just that, as it also serves as a music venue, cappuccino bar, and an event space for Q&As and more intimate music pop-ups. Most of the bands that play here are a bit off-the-beaten-path, but that’s not to say Rough Trade doesn’t have a killer line up. Oh, and there’s a B&W photo booth, so you can walk away with a souvenir from your date. Pics or it didn’t happen!

Credit: Rough Trade, Facebook
Maison Premiere
298 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

$1 oysters. May we repeat, $1 oysters. At Maison Premiere, you can enjoy this happy hour special, 4-7pm on Monday-Friday, 11am-1pm on weekends, and these are quality oysters. When you walk into this bar, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a Gatsby-ish era in what look like a blend of New York, New Orleans, and Paris. The vibe overall is on the swankier side, still with a Brooklyn touch; beer is served in mason jars. The absinthe drinks are delicious, and there are over 20 types on drip. This is one of the best bars in all of NYC, hands down. We’ll see you there.

Credit: Maison Premiere

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Trophy Bar
351 Broadway, Brooklyn

Trophy Bar is what you make of it, whether you want to soak up the sun and chill in a backyard or boogie on the dancefloor. One of the best things about Trophy Bar is the 5-8pm happy hour where grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, and veggie burgers are only $5, and certain drinks are a whopping $4. Say what?! The vibe is also super cool and Williamsburg-y—a great combination of a dive bar and hipster’s haven.

Credit: Trophy Bar
Rocka Rolla
486 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

If you want to get smashed and jam out to some loud rock n’ roll tunes, Rocka Rolla is calling your name. This is a quintessential old-school dive bar filled with vintage signs, vinyl seating, arcade games, and rock paraphernalia. At Rocka Rolla, you’re walking away with new friends and maybe a hangover the next day. The bar’s known for its giant goblets of booze, filled to the brim with $3 Budlight or even their version of a Moscow Mule. Outside in the back patio, stop by the bar’s little grill area and fill your stomach with bratwurst and fries.

Credit: Rocka Rolla, Facebook
D.O.C. Wine Bar
83 North 7th Street, Brooklyn

Head to D.O.C for an authentic Italian date night in Brooklyn, where the wine list is nearly endless and the cheese selection surely suffices. Everything on the menu has a Sardinian slant (the restaurant’s owner is from Sardinia, the second-largest island in Italy). If you’re here for dinner, make sure to order one or two pasta dishes, preferably two so you can share. The flavors are so fresh and it’s evident that the chefs know what they’re doing. The vibe is very romantic and is perfect for an intimate night with your boo.

Credit: DOC Wine Bar
Santos Anne
366 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

Get after some tacos at Santos Anne, a delicious Mexican restaurant with a bit of a French flair. So whether you want some steak tartare or chicken fajitas, the menu’s got you covered. Every Monday evening and Sunday during brunch, Santos offers free tarot card readings, a fun activity to break up the monotony of “dinner and drinks” date nights. And you’ll often encounter some live jazz music here as well. What’s not to love?

Credit: Santos Anne, Facebook
Lucky Dog
303 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

Get yourself to Lucky Dog where puppies roam free! This bar is known for its dog-friendly policy, as evident by the spot’s name. A dive bar, Lucky Dog has a large selection of beers and frozen drinks, perfect for the summer—lounge in the backyard patio, pet some pups, and listen to the occasional live brass band. It’s pretty much always a good time because how could you not enjoy yourselves when furry friends are involved? You don’t need to own a dog to hang out here…but don’t be creepy about it. Have fun, and paws up!

Credit: Lucky Dog, Facebook

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