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IL Bastardo x May Fair at The McKittrick



If you ever wanted to feel like you’re throwing a raucous dinner party in the basement of an Italian wine cellar, then IL Bastardo is the place for you. This spot matches that vibe perfectly with artfully aged bricks, arches protecting wooden casks, and an amber glow courtesy of several chandeliers. True to form, they have a number of pasta dishes but don’t sleep on their steaks, which come in massive, juicy portions. If you really want to get the party started (and if you’re here, that’s kind of the whole point) they have bottles of high-quality bubbly at a few different price points for every kind of baller.

After dinner, celebrate the changing of the seasons at The McKittrick’s May Fair affair. It’s described as a literal “bacchanalia” and promises to deliver with strange and fabulous performances, a DJ keeping everyone dancing, and drinks on drinks. There’s no telling what could unfold—last year had harlequin dancers, pentagrams, and giant heads—but it’s guaranteed to be freaky and glamorous.

Dinner, Drinks, Revelry
Lively, Decadent

IL Bastardo

544 West 27th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The music is LOUD so expect to do more nodding than talking.

il bastardo nyc
Credit: IL Bastardo

May Fair at The McKittrick

The McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Turn a look in your best all white outfit.

mckittrick hotel nyc
Credit: The McKittrick Hotel