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It’s a Wonderful Life x Vol de Nuit



If you and your person needed an excuse for a movie date, you couldn’t have picked a better plan to check out. A funny, touching and sentimental holiday-staple, It’s A Wonderful Life is an absolute must-see on the big screen during the epic moment that is the holidays in New York City. Lucky for you, the IFC Center is screening it all month long starting December 7th. Find dates, times and tickets here.

Afterward, head over to Vol de Nuit, a cozy, comfortable Belgian bar–the perfect spot to feel your feels post-film. Pore over the menu that includes 13 drafts and 25 bottles—all Belgian and more than a few from Trappist breweries. We love the cabin behind the garden where you can snuggle together in overstuffed Victorian chairs. It is a wonderful life, isn’t it?

West Village
Film, Drinks
Tickets, $15
Emotional, Low-key

It's A Wonderful Life

IFC Center, 323 6th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip:  Mary Owen, Donna Read’s daughter, will be introducing the show.

ifc center nyc
Credit: IFC Center

Vol de Nuit

148 West 4th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: In case you’re hungry after the movie, indulge in their famous mussels and soggy, salty frites dipped in any of a dozen flavors of mustard or mayo.

vol de nuit nyc
Credit: Vol de Nuit