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Jiang Diner x Maya Mezcal Bar



This modern little diner offers homestyle recipes from Northern China that offer as much flavor as they do heat. The stand-out dish is the XinJian Big Plate Chicken, a literal big plate of chicken served with or without bones, atop thick hand-chewy noodles and delicious sauce. Order some spicy baked buns and the eggplant with fresh garlic appetizer for an aromatic meal that’s perfect for sharing.

What’s better than a cozy, romantic Mexican cocktail bar that stocks over 60 varieties of mezcals and tequilas? One with a big chandelier, plus a cocktail menu featuring upwards of 30 specialty cocktails. Try the award-winning Pine & Passion, a mezcal cocktail made with pineapple, lemon, and passionfruit, or the Apio Del Rey, a blend of tequila and homemade celery liqueur.

East Village
Dinner and Drinks
Casual and Cool

Jiang Diner

 309 E 5th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The big plate chicken comes in two sizes. You want the bigger size—trust us.

Jiang Diner
Credit: Jiang Diner

Maya Mezcal Bar

304 E 6th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: You can totally skip the cocktail menu; the bartenders are more than happy to make you something special to your taste.

Maya Mezcal Bar
Credit: Maya Mezcal Bar, Facebook