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Lamia’s Fish Market x Alphabet City Beer Co.



Step out of NYC’s volatile climate and into a legit undersea wonderland in Alphabet City. Lamia’s Fish Market doesn’t just serve super fresh seafood from a finely-curated menu—they’ve also got atmosphere by the pound. It took the owners two years to build out this stunning space, with a bar that looks like a fancy vintage submarine, walls painted with mermaids and octopuses, and romantic lighting that feels like and underwater cave. Lamia’s Fish Market somehow manages to be both over-the-top and fabulously chic.

Alphabet City Beer Co. is one of those cozy neighborhood bars you’ll never want to leave. After dinner, come grab a craft beer from their coolers and hang out at one of the communal tables. It’s the perfect spot to make some new friends, or just settle in and get cozy with a board game. And if you’re not feeling beer, they have a curated selection of international wines and a wide selection of great non-alcoholic drinks.

Alphabet City
Drinks and Dinner
Summer AF

Lamia's Fish Market

 47 Avenue B, Manhattan

idk tip: Go for the oysters at the raw bar, or split the Deluxe Tower for a fresh menagerie of daily seafood.

Lamia's Fish Market
Credit: OpenTable

Alphabet City Beer Co.

96 Avenue C, Manhattan

idk tip: Once a keg runs dry at Alphabet City Beer Co, that’s it! They don’t duplicate their selection, so you’ll always find a new brew to discover.

Alphabet City Beer Co.
Credit: Time Out