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Lantern x Antigone in Ferguson



When you need piles of noodles without spending piles of cash, make Lantern your date spot. This Thai restaurant has a casual and warm vibe with long, simple tables, muted colors, and swinging lantern lights set to a dim glow. The menu has everything you would expect from a Thai place—Pad Thai, Massaman curry, pineapple fried rice—and prices that you couldn’t ask to be better. To help with the spice (or with the conversation) they serve up bright and refreshing cocktails with fun flavors like lychee mojitos or guava martinis.

Prepared to be moved at the incredible Antigone in Ferguson show. This performance is produced by the Theater of War, which aims to pair works both classic and contemporary with current social justice issues to encourage conversation and understanding through art. You may or may not have enjoyed Antigone, the Sophocles’ tragedy you were forced to read in 11th grade English class, but you’ll find it presented here in a whole new context. Actors perform a dramatic reading of the work while accompanied by a musical chorus of police, citizens, and activists coming together to share a message.

Brooklyn Heights
Dinner, Drinks, Theater
Intimate, Reflective


101 Montague Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Service is fast so don’t worry about rushing to make the show.

lantern thai nyc
Credit: Lantern Thai

Antigone in Ferguson

St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, 157 Montague Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: The show is free but requires an RSVP.

antigone in ferguson nyc
Credit: Theater of War