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Leonti x The Dead Poet



Tonight, let Leonti set the mood. New, elegant, plush, and under the direction of a famed and successful chef, the upgraded Italian — but all-around European — fare reflects an attitude of refinement and passionate innovation. Appetizers abound and astound, with options so intricate they could be entrees: smooth-textured Pata Negra ham doused in pineapple preserve, scallop alfredo with oregano breadcrumbs, and artichoke lasagna with a hint of mint. Mains take it up another notch, with pasta like cinnamon fettuccine in wild boar ragu, and entrees like stuffed rabbit with caramelized cipollini and pistachio to get your curiosity and your tastebuds absolutely raging.

When you’ve had your fill of delectable, and fancy fare, stroll uptown a few blocks and dust-off your knowledge of great books for a drink and discussion at The Dead Poet, a local gem that names its drinks after dead and famous writers. Lowkey and under-the-radar, this bar is ideal for taking it easy after a big meal, with dark walls, rich wooden furnishings and leather bar stools that invite long conversations and cozy bonding. Whether it’s a Rye Old Fashioned (aka, the J.D. Salinger), or the sagamore rye, mancino sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, and drunken cherries in The Raven (after Poe), an extensive cocktail list ensures you’ll both find a drink — and a book — that truly inspires.

Upper West Side
Dinner, Drinks
Can Get Pricey
Enchanting, Satisfying


103 West 77th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Despite the fabulous meal that’s coming, DO fill up on bread. Chef Adam Leonti not only makes it himself, but he also makes the flour in-house, too — so yeah, it’s worth it.

leonti nyc
Credit: Eater NY

The Dead Poet

450 Amsterdam Avenue 2, Manhattan

idk tip: Boasting a secret recipe and seven liquors, The Dead Poet will most certainly get you feeling poetic. And it’s their most popular cocktail, so give it a sip.

the dead poet nyc
Credit: The Dead Poet