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Lex Restaurant x Harkness Dance Festival: A Feast of Cunningham



Going to the ballet requires an equally classy and cool place to eat beforehand, and Lex Restaurant, an understated Italian eatery churning out red-sauce staples on the Upper East Side, is just the spot to pack up. With fine china and a red rose on your table, this smooth, laidback, neighborhood eatery makes for the most reliably delicious Italian dishes. And while their pastas are definitely delectable, the staff here boasts about their chicken dishes, and they serve up a mean cut of steak as well. It’s the kind of wine n’ dine that’ll leave everyone happily satisfied, and ready to sit down and absorb the entertainment.

If dance performances have never been your thing, prepare for that to change after a breathtaking viewing of in-the-flesh performances paying tribute to master choreographer Merce Cunningham. These chilling, inspiring arrangements of body to music interpret sound and space in a way that’s sure to captivate and astound you. Professionals from New York Theatre Ballet—Melissa Toogood, Herman Cornejo, and New World School of the Arts are bringing their best dancers to bring the best to you. You can expect performances from Cunningham’s Septet, Cross Currents, Doubles, Landrover, Loose Time, Scenario and Trails. But if none of that’s familiar to you, don’t worry—the intricate dance and movement in these performances is every bit as profound and beautiful as their titles.

Upper East Side
Dinner, Dance Performance
Classy, Stimulating

Lex Restaurant

1370 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Two words: Short. Ribs.

lex restaurant nyc
Credit: Citysearch

Harkness Dance Festival

Buttenwieser Hall, 1395 Lexington Ave, Manhattan

idk tip: If you want to get a bit more info on what you’re about to experience, catch an exhibition/opening reception on Merce Cunningham at Weill Art Gallery at 5:30 before the show.

harkness dance festival nyc
Credit: 92Y