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Lucky Vegetarian x Fly Long Tea



Enthusiastically vegetarian-approved veggie Chinese food Mecca, Lucky Vegetarian, is where you want to take your romantic duo on a quiet Thursday night for some truly wholesome, truly inspiring cuisine. Located underneath a Buddhist temple in Sunset Park—which, on its own, should be enough to convince you of just how authentic this place is—the cuisine here makes the most of convincingly delicious mock meat and seafood, with dishes ranging from signature clay pots to luxe main courses, such as stir-fried veg duck, braised pork, Peking style spare ribs, and stir-fried lotus with spicy sauce. It’s got an unbothered, soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing and digging in deeply to a meal you can feel good about.

You’ll be patting your stomachs with satisfaction and craving something to settle it all, so after you’ve stuffed yourselves with healthy, saucy greens and veggie meats, head over to refreshingly sweet cafe Fly Long Tea for some liquid dessert. There’s sparkling sodas, all kinds of tea options like black rice tea and milk tea, and plenty of sweet coffees that’ll be great after a big meal. It’s just a matter of choosing what sounds right to you and indulging.

Sunset Park
Dinner, Tea/Coffee
Wholesome, Mellow

Lucky Vegetarian

5101 8th Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: It’s cash only, so make sure you visit an ATM.

lucky vegetarian nyc
Credit: Yelp, Photo by: Sharon C.

Fly Long Tea

4715 8th Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: If it’s coffee you’re craving, definitely go for the sea salt milk foam coffee.

fly long tea nyc
Credit: Yelp, Photo by: Vu B.