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LUST: Valentine’s Day by Abby Hertz x The Rookery



This provocative evening is all about indulging the senses and pushing your boundaries to their most pleasurable ends, with a sumptuous feast and daring performers that’ll bring you and your person to the exciting edges of your sensuality. Love and lust express themselves freely and fully here, starting with a three-course meal that you’ll scoop up with your hands off of naked bodies or have fed to you by seductive servants, and leading into a night of ecstatic pleasures including erotic art installations and daringly alluring performances.

There will be interactive art, a cuddle-puddle lounge, a VIP dungeon, human candelabras, a hot wax play area and aerial, fire, dance and contortion performances all night long, so you’ll have everything you need to let your inhibitions go together. This is the way to give your Vday weekend a heated, heady flair, and just the inspiration you need to bring some more heightened sensuality and hot sex into the bedroom. Get your tickets here, and remember, the dress code is strictly enforced—find your inspiration for your threads for the night here

To tease out the night and prolong the anticipation, head to The Rookery for a last nightcap. We think the spicy mezcal margarita—with Scotch bonnet and orange liquor–or the jalisco winter—made with tequila, mezcal, spiced pear and ginger—is just the drink to tip you both right over the edge. 

Provocative Performances, Dinner, Drinks
Tickets, $45—$175
Sexy, Sultry, Adventurous


Lot 45, 411 Troutman Street, Brooklyn

idk tipTake note—while the night is all about exploration and enjoyment, LUST does keep things above the belt. For lovers of LUST, the event recurs each month with a new theme, so you can keep the party going long past Valentine’s Day.

lust valentines day nyc

The Rookery

425 Troutman Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: In case your appetite trends more towards food at this point, the Rookery also has a delicious late night menu, ranging from pretzel-coated fried chicken, to falafel burgers, to the real thing.

the rookery brooklyn