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Luv Tea x The Uncommons



Start your evening at this quaint, little tea shop with minimalistic decor and friendly staff. All the teas at Luv Tea are rich, flagrant, and flavorful. While they don’t come cheap (~$7-9), the cozy ambiance of the shop more than brings its value—you can relax, sit back and feel the ‘luv’ in the air. This is the kind of zen that all New Yorkers could use a little more of every day, so we say, savor it. Luv Tea also holds several classes during the week, and if you’re feeling up to it, look at their schedule so that you can book ahead—all beginners must start with “Introduction to Oolong Teas”!

Now, that you’ve found your inner calm, walk a few blocks to The Uncommons, deemed “Manhattan’s First Board Game Cafe.” From games you’re well aware of, like Cards Against Humanity, Boggle, and Clue to hundreds that you’ve never heard of, this is any game-lover’s ultimate fantasy. At Uncommons, they take fun seriously. It’s $10 per person ($5 for students Mon-Thurs), and the food/drink menu is extremely affordable. Once you walk in here, you’re not going to want to leave—that inner kid will come out of you faster than you can yell, “UNO!”

West Village / Greenwich Village
Tea, Small Bites, Board Games
Relaxed, Fun

Luv Tea

37A Bedford Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Their signature is the Jasmine Honey Iced Tea, and it’s a signature for a reason. Just, yum.

luv tea nyc
Credit: Manhattan With A Twist

The Uncommons

230 Thompson Street, Manhattan 

idk tip: Some fun games to start off with: Jungle Speed, Codenames or Walk the Plank.

the uncommons nyc
Credit: The Uncommons