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M Shanghai Bistro x Toñita’s: Carribean Social Club



There’s something incredibly satisfying about a truly authentic date night, and that’s what we’re delivering tonight. Start at M Shanghai Bistro & Garden—a best-kept secret for those craving an authentic Chinese dinner and dim sum. The go-to Chinese spot for couples with one carnivore and another vegan/vegetarian counterpart (they offer a separate vegan menu), the menu is based on the owner’s grandmother’s recipes and childhood memories. Their soup dumplings are the best way to warm up on a chilly winter evening, and in case you’re having a hard time ordering, the friendly and welcoming servers are always happy to help. And for our part, we recommend their signature steamed juicy pork buns.

Afterward, head to Toñitas: Caribbean Social Club—one of the last two Puerto Rican social clubs in New York City. Easy to miss from the street (so keep an eye out) the club recalls a time when Williamsburg was primarily populated by Puerto Rican immigrants. Warm and welcoming with free food and music, this locale epitomizes the idea of community. The walls are decorated with old photos and shelves with baseball trophies. Step into New York’s history and honor the long line of immigrants who’ve made the city what it is.

Dinner, Drinks
Classy, Nostalgic

M Shanghai Bistro

292 Grand Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Grab a seat in their tranquil garden on a warmer spring or summer evening.

m shanghai bistro and garden nyc
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244 Grant Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: This bar is so special, filmmakers Beyza Boyacioglu and Sebastian Diaz made a short documentary about it. 

tonitas nyc
Credit: The Huffington Post