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Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tour

Reviewed by Jordan & Nick in October 2017.


Jordan and Nick took a ghost and dark history tour around Brooklyn with Madame Morbid in arguably the coolest trolley ever. Designed to mimic a turn of the century funeral parlor, the trolley is all custom-made with chandeliers, velvet curtains and plush leather seats. They toured seven infamous neighborhoods of Brooklyn with their tour guide and driver, who had a lovely and very funny chemistry of their own.

Listen to their full review — and their favorite murder-y parts of the tour — below. 


Trolley Tour
A Murder/Ghost Themed Tour Through Brooklyn
Tickets, $69
Meeting Point at Cadman Plaza, Across From High Street Station (A/C)
7 of Brooklyn's most infamous neighborhoods
AC, 23, F
Cadman Plaza West/B25 Bus Stop

Jordan's Take

Experience Rating: 8

As soon as I heard that this trolley was decked out like a funeral parlor, I was super excited. I surprised Nick with this tour (as you can see in our Instagram story) and we both love history so overall it was an awesome, different experience!

Service Rating: 9

The driver and tour guide were both very funny — I almost wished they lead the tour more together, but I guess the driver did need to focus on the road.

Fun Factor: 8

We had a less full bus, which was nice because we each were able to sit in our own 2-seater, but I think if it was even more full, the camaraderie would’ve been even better. I loved learning about where insane things (like a plane crash landing in BK!) happened — and I know I’d never actually go seek these places out myself, so I’m glad this exists.

idk tip

I could see this as being something especially fun if a few couple friends went all together.

Return Appearance?

I would do it again if they explored different areas/stories in the city!

Nick's Take

Experience Rating: 8

How can waiting for a bus be exciting? It is when that bus is Madame Morbid’s! The experience starts when you first see the New Orleans-style street car/trolley/funeral parlor pulling down the street. You’re greeted with smoke billowing from the open trolley door. If you haven’t bailed by now you’re in for a good time. You’re taken on a unique guided tour of historical spooky Brooklyn locations. The whole experience is enhanced by the extremely funny guide and driver who have a great chemistry.

Service Rating: 7

The guide and driver really made the experience. It would have been nicer to spend a little more time at each location but that’s more the nature of a bus tour. I also had to take a star away because they were a little late picking us up.

Fun Factor: 7

I keep coming back to the guide but that was really the best part. If you have a thirst for history and a sense of humor you’re going to have a great time.

idk tip

I would never suggest breaking the law by bringing alcohol on the tour but I would highly recommend bringing a flask…

Return Appearance?

While I enjoyed it, I don’t think it is something I would do again unless they did another area of the city.