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Reviewed by Jessica x Kitfox in October 2017.


METTĀ is a South American restaurant in Fort Greene. Jess and Kitfox loved the “Schrute Farmer” cocktail (Dwight would be so proud), vintage atrium feel, cool artwork by local artists, and the open-fire cooking style (they utilize all aspects of the fire to create layers of flavor in the dishes — smoke, flame, ash and embers). And good news: “nobody was dickish”. Listen to their full review below.


South American/Locally Sourced
Moderately Priced
197 Adelphi Street, Brooklyn
Fort Greene
Willoughby & Adelphi

Jessica's Take

Food Rating: 10

Loved the lamb chicory wraps – tiny in size, but full of complex flavor. Our dessert of smoked chocolate with chaga crumble and wild herbs was the best dessert I’ve had in a long time, or possibly ever. I seriously want to eat that every day for the rest of my life. Such a unique flavor, texture, and combination of locally foraged goods that both my soul and tastebuds appreciated. These are the moments in life I wish it was more socially acceptable to lick your plate clean.

Service Rating: 9

Our server was very warm and attentive. She didn’t seem to mind our specific food sourcing questions at all. Chris, I believe the manager, asked us how everything was at the end of the meal. He was very friendly, shared more information about the restaurant’s background story, and told us not to hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Fun Factor: 8

Geeking out together over the grass fed, pastured meats and locally foraged chaga from the Catskills made this meal special, for we were able to share our love for truly good, wholesome food together. The music elicited a nice vibe along with the handmade ceramics and warmly lit space. Open windows towards the front made the restaurant feel more open and communal in nature, like it was an extension of the neighborhood just outside.

idk tip

For an up close dining experience, request to sit at the bar overseeing the kitchen!

Return Appearance?

Definitely come back!

Kitfox's Take

Food Rating: 10

While a small serving, the Carpaccio was possibly the best I’ve had (and I love me my raw meat). The Lamb Chicory wraps caused me to exclaim out loud with my mouth full, they were so flavorful, and if I were home, I would’ve licked the plate clean after the short rib plate. I don’t usually order dessert, but I’m very glad I made an exception for the smoked chocolate with Chaga crumble and wild herbs. Delicious superfood for dessert.

Service Rating: 10

Our server answered all of my annoying questions about food sourcing and genuinely seemed happy to do so.

Fun Factor: 7

It was a nice, pleasant atmosphere with good visual design that I enjoyed relaxing in, though I don’t know how “fun” one could call it. The seating arrangement was quite tight and my chair got bumped into by passers-by many, many times. That was less fun, though worth it for everything else.

idk tip

Order as many plates as you can and share. The assortment of flavors are really worth experiencing.

Return Appearance?

I look forward to going back, but will request a different table.