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Mister Dips x Richlane



“Our milkshake brings the boys to the yard…” Mister Dips is bringing more than just the boys to the yard serving up Shake Shack style burgers, fries and dairy dips (experimental ice cream flavors dipped in things) to the Williamsburg crew from the “yard” of the luxury William Vale Hotel. Crowds are flocking to the sunny outside space to indulge in waffle fries covered in nacho cheese and griddle burgers, and 80’s and 90’s pop music—all served out of a reclaimed vintage Airstream. Pull up a patch of grass, grab yourself a burger and settle in to watch the sunset over Manhattan.

The sun has set, the night has begun and what better way to get it going than with the locals at the neighborhood favorite bar, Richlane. This bar is a non-pretentious, casual hole-in-the-wall style spot—you’ll still find everything you’d expect from a Williamsburg bar, like vintage decor, a retro refrigerator, and a cloud of smokers out front, but somehow Richlane manages to be a friendly neighborhood bar with a minimal amount of The drinks are good, the prices are reasonable and the service is great—what more could you want?

Dinner, Drinks
Summery, Casual

Mister Dips

Vale Park on the Corner of North 12th and Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: They don’t actually do shakes by the way, but they do do a Choco Cherry Float.

Credit: Mister Dips, Facebook


595 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: The name Richlane pays tribute to the name of the previous name of Richardson St., which was Richlane.

Credit: Richlane, Facebook