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Morimoto x Starbucks Reserve Roastery



Headed by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, one of the first to navigate the Japanese restaurant scene when it boomed in NYC, Morimoto is the ultra-fine, innovative and seductively pricey spot for an eclectic, succulent Japanese food experience. The futuristic setting in which you’ll dine only heightens the intrigue of this East meets West creation, where Japanese food comes alive in all sorts of new ways. Fish is flown freshly in from Tokyo for the execution of dishes like the iconic Morimoto Sashimi (seared toro, salmon, tuna, hamachi, wild shrimp) to start. Follow it up with and really go in on their version of Peking Duck—Duck, Duck, Goose, a mouthwatering main consisting of roasted & confit duck, Tokyo scallion pancakes, gooseberry compote, pineapple hoisin, and ginger scallion.

Now, imagine Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but make it a classy, cool, coffee roastery. You’ve got the Starbucks Reserve in NYC—the fourth of its kind—and the coffee company’s grand opus. It’s a sprawling, magnificent 3-story display of Starbucks glory, with 2 coffee bars, a cocktail bar, a bean bar, and a pastry bar to serve the beans (which shoot through glass pipes on the roof). Also find treats that are roasted, treated, and baked on the premises every single day. Whether you want to order your usual Starbucks fave knowing it’ll be made at its absolute best, or try one of their more indulgent options, like a chocolate pairing with your roasts, just know this is about to change your whole conception of Starbucks.

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88 10th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Even though shishito peppers are pretty much everywhere these days, you should really try them here.

morimoto nyc
Credit: SushiGiriNYC

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

61 9th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: We highly suggest making a trip to the experience bar and going for coffee flights—even if it’s a little late, it’s worth staying up for.

starbucks reserve roastery nyc
Credit: Starbucks Reserve