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New York Botanical Garden

Reviewed by Holly & Josh in September 2017.


The New York Botanical Garden is open all year round, with something to look forward to each season. While the Chihuly exhibit that Holly and Josh went to see is now closed, there is plenty more to do this season. Fall Forest Weekends are November 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th where you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the fall foliage, take a canoe trip down the Bronx River or go on a guided hike. The Victorian-style glass conservatory hosts all sorts of themed-flower shows, and is also gorgeous this time of year.

Listen to Holly and Josh’s experience, and plan your escape to nature at the New York Botanical Gardens soon.


Tickets, $23
2900 Southern Boulevard, Bronx
BD, 2, 4

Holly's Take

Food/Drink Rating: 7

At the Botanical Garden there were a number of places where you could get drinks and snacks along the exhibit and even a fun latin band that was playing. All of the drinks were overpriced, but I guess you should expect that at an event like this. I got a margarita that was fine, but on the acidic side. There is an option to get it in a shaker, which I thought would be too much (20 oz) but it actually looked really cute and would be worth splitting with your date!

Service Rating: 7

The cashier was a little less than friendly and the bartender originally got my order wrong, but it was also a walk-up concession-stand-like bar, so I would not expect white glove service.

Fun Factor: 9

The gardens were really cool! It was a little chilly on the night that we went so I was glad that part of the exhibit was inside one of the greenhouses. The downside was that it was a little tightly packed and hard to move around and really enjoy the exhibits. Even though it was a bit cooler, the outside exhibits were a little more enjoyable because you did not feel so cramped.

idk tip

Make sure you plan your transportation out early as it can be a bit of a struggle to get to the gardens. I would also recommend getting there right at 6:30 if you are going at night so you can see some of the gardens in the light and maybe beat some of the rush.

Return Appearance?

I would come back to the garden, but I would maybe wait until spring or summer!

Josh's Take

Food/Drink Rating: 7

I had a Saranac IPA which was pretty standard.

Service Rating: 7

Well the service was pretty standard, but really we only interacted with staff at the gates and at the one concession stand, so there isn’t really much to judge the service by. They were friendly, of course, but not much for them to do for us (it is after all a garden, we mostly walked around on our own).

Fun Factor: 10

I like botanical gardens in general, but the Chihuly glass exhibit, particularly when lit up at night, was pretty stunning. The art is amazing (not sure how he makes those pieces) and really complements the plant life into which it has been placed.

idk tip

Definitely go for the Chihuly exhibit while it is still there if you have the chance, but the garden itself is well worth a visit (even though it is a bit of a journey out there).

Return Appearance?

I would definitely go back! It would be nice to experience the gardens in daylight as well.