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Ninja Warrior Class at Brooklyn Zoo x Thip Osha



Interested in letting out some aggression, while also fulfilling your lifelong dream to be a ninja? Brooklyn Zoo in Williamsburg has you covered. Their Ninja Warrior class takes place inside their graffiti-blasted, rope wall and trampoline-filled activity space, and it prepares you for everything you’d ever need to know about how to practice your skills as a Ninja Warrior. Whether the two of your are n00bs or experts, they’ve got you covered. Classes are an hour long and run for $25 each.

Now, to replenish… Considering you’ve broken a serious sweat, work on some extra cardio as you walk a few extra blocks to Thip Osha. This Thai restaurant is petite in size, but loud and proud when it comes to flavor. With a light and unpretentious interior made up of mostly white brick and wood, they offer up some filling options (which is perfect for you post-Ninja-ing), like chu-chee salmon and Thip Osha paella. Our favorite, however, is the unofficial idk tonight Best Dish Name of the Year Award recipient: Sexy Duck.

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Ninja Warrior Class at Brooklyn Zoo

230 Bogart Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Keep an eye out for the other classes they offer, like skate dance, circus class, and parkour.

ninja warrior brooklyn zoo nyc
Credit: Brooklyn Zoo

Thip Osha

795 Grand Street, Brooklyn

idk tip:  Start with their curry puffs and never look back.

thip osha nyc