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NOMO Kitchen x GENUINE Liquorette



Say what you will about the Instafamous, but you can’t deny they have great taste. NOMO Kitchen is the latest favorite of the influencer set, and with glass chandeliers, rainbow heart murals, and fairy lights lining an ivy-covered walkway,  it’s not hard to see why–and that’s before we’ve even covered the food. Located inside the NOMO Hotel, this New York hotspot serves up New American with a Mediterranean twist. You can’t go wrong with the cacio e pepe, dayboat scallops, and halibut. It doesn’t get more charming than this for a summertime date night dinner.

Since we’re taking lessons from the It Girls and Guys of Insta tonight, head on over to GENUINE Liquorette for a Cali take on the modern-day cocktail scene. Inspired by the bodegas and liquor stores of the California coast, this subterranean cocktail bar is tucked beneath GENUINE Suprette and features our favorite part of flight travel: airplane bottles. Beverage director Eben Freeman invented “The Cha-Chunker,” which is a device that widens the mouths of cans, all the better to upend mini bottles of liquor into. This means their version of a mojito involves a can of Sprite, tempus, creme de menthe, lime, mint, and a mini bottle of Bacardi as upside-down garnish. It’s fun, cheeky, and will definitely get you tipsy.

Dinner, Drinks
Can Get Pricey
Trendy, Downtown

NOMO Kitchen

9 Crosby Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you’re going all in on the night, order the Scorpion Punch Bowl. Just make sure to get that Boomerang before the night gets too hazy.

nomo kitchen nyc

GENUINE Liquorette

191 Grand Street, Manhattan 

idk tip: They also host cocktail master classes that will give you the crash course you need to come behind the counter and man the shakers anytime you feel like it.

genuine liquorette nyc