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Old Xi’an Delicacy x The Full Shilling



If you like quirkiness as much as you like carbs, then there’s a solid chance you’ll love Old Xi’an Delicacy. A new addition to the neighborhood, this Chinese noodle shop is as much about its satisfying ambiance as it about satisfying your appetite. With minimalist old-school murals and cool dual-shaded grey brick walls, Old Xi’an Delicacy is a welcome addition to the neighborhood (and to date night), and the noodles themselves are as legit as noodles come (sorry, bagged ramen). Feel free to be as addicted to their cumin lamb cold noodles and tingly beef hand-ripped noodles as we are.  

Next, head to The Full Shilling for drinks. This bar is literally over a hundred years old and imported straight from Belfast (mad props), and there’s a textbook old-school Irish ambiance here that fits perfectly with the Lower Manhattan aesthetic (we’re big fans of the arched ceiling and milky-white lights). And, while you get a legitimate taste of the Emerald Isle with the views, taste some of The Full Shilling’s best craft drinks, like the Glugg (mulled red wine kicked up a notch) and The Wallflower (flowery and fruity meets prosecco).

Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Comfy, Classic

Old Xi'an Delicacy

164 Pearl Street, Manhattan

idk tip: As far as drinks go, we recommend going for their super refreshing plum juice.

old xian delicacy nyc
Credit: Old Xi'an Delicacy

The Full Shilling

160 Pearl Street #1, Manhattan

idk tip: For dessert, share their double chocolate pudding with Irish Mist whipped cream.

the full shilling nyc
Credit: The Full Shilling