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Opera 101 x Shalel Lounge



Are you a really a New Yorker if you haven’t been to the Metropolitan Opera? Take your “New York Couple” status to the next level with Opera 101 with Artsclub & The Metropolitan Opera Guild. Learn all about the opera (what’s a tenor and a baritone? Or an aria and a recitative? TBH where did the opera even come from?) from the Metropolitan Opera’s Director of Education, Stuart Holt. And here’s the cherry on top of your operatic sundae—you’ll get discounted tickets to see Rigoletto, a re-staging of the classic opera set in 1960’s Vegas—those gems are on sale for $60 during the event. The class runs 7pm-9pm and is at The Metropolitan Opera Guild.  

After you’ve learned everything musical, head over to the romantic Shalel Lounge for your nightcap—an underground lounge lit almost solely by candles and lanterns with enough decorative throw pillows for you and your love to cozy up in together. With the smell of vanilla essence in the air, scattered rose petals around you and the sounds of their indoor waterfall (we’re so serious), this promises the sultry, sensual date your hearts desire.

Upper West Side
Class, Drinks
Musical, Intimate

Opera 101 | Artsclub x The Metropolitan Opera Guild

The Metropolitan Opera, 30 Lincoln Center Plaza, Manhattan

idk tip: The early bird tickets are $39, so grab your tickets now instead of later.

the metropolitan opera nyc
Credit: The Metropolitan Opera

Shalel Lounge

65 West, 70th Street, Manhattan

idk tip:  If you’re hungry, go for the lamb meatballs. They won’t disappoint.

shalel lounge nyc
Credit: Shalel Lounge