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Oscar Wilde

Reviewed by Anisa x Rory in August 2017.


If you’re the kind of couple that wishes they were born in the Victorian-ages, or that frequents the most gilded of establishments (Rolf’s anyone?), make Oscar Wilde your next date night destination. With their red and gold decor, portraits of important people lining the walls, and the longest marble bar in New York, royalty is the name of the game here. Listen below to Rory and Anisa’s decadent date below.


Restaurant / Bar
Casual, Or As Royal As You Want To Get
Moderately Priced
45 West 27th Street, Manhattan
NR, FM, 12
27th Between Broadway and 6th Avenue

Anisa's Take

Drinks Rating: 9

At a bar this elaborate and ornate, I definitely wasn’t going to order a Budweiser. This was martini territory. The Iced Cold Dirty Martini was strong, it was large, and it was not for me. If martinis are your drink, you’ll presumably love this. But I had to reward myself with pinot noir.

Service Rating: 8

Our server offered us menus right away and was polite and attentive without being overly attentive. When we wanted a second drink, we had to make the move.

Fun Factor: 8

I’m all about themes. And Oscar Wilde knocked the theme out of the park. Its namesake died in 1900, and the furniture, the portraits, the statues, the white marble bar and sterling silver fixtures made it incredibly antiquated. In the best way possible. This is a sophisticated joint where it’s okay to wear jeans and okay not to take yourself too seriously—as the Oscar Wilde quotes around the room will remind you.

idk tip

If you’re starting the night here and plan to go to dinner after, watch the clock. We arrived around 7:30 and left around 9:30 thanks to the atmosphere and strong drinks (okay, it took me almost an hour to finish the martini and I learned my lesson about martinis). There wasn’t much in the Flatiron area open for dinner past 10:00.

Return Appearance?

I would come back, especially to show off to a friend who is visiting who I took AP Lit with in high school. Too niche? I’d definitely come back! This place was upscale yet approachable

Rory's Take

Drinks Rating: 9

Smoked Old Fashioned/Oscar Wilde’s Potent Elixir.

Service Rating: 9

The bartender was very attentive, even mid-conversation with the people sitting next to us.

Fun Factor: 8

There are Oscar Wilde quotes all over the place, and there is just so much to look at because of how big the space is.

idk tip

If you don’t plan on eating there but are going around a meal time, figure out an escape route ahead of time — seafood is the major fare in that area, and neither of us is pescatarian-centric.

Return Appearance?

Definitely come back. The drink variety is so extensive, and the space allows for almost guaranteed seating no matter what.