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Out By 10: Stories & Music x Cafe Mocha



Out By 10 is a local nonprofit comedy/music mashup experience that will have you grasping each other while catching your breath one moment and holding hands with tears in your eyes the next. Co-founder and producer Susan Seliger hand-picks the best comedians and musicians she can find, throws them together onto an intimate stage in Manhattan, and calls it a show! Every 2nd Thursday of the month, their sole mission is to entertain, and we think the couples of New York will find this to be one of the best comedy experiences they’ve ever had. Be prepared, as each show comes with a health warning. “There will be moments of intense guffawing, flashes of insight, feelings of deep connection to perfect strangers, and/or teary-eye-blurring (side-effects vary).”

After your minds are expanded, we think you’ll best be served by the intimate, cozy vibes of Cafe Mocha. Cocktails, coffee, dinner, the kitchen sink—whatever your hearts desire, Cafe Mocha somehow brings it to you. You’ll find you could easily stay there all night, talking, holding hands, and feeling the utmost gratitude for the city you call home.

East Village
Comedy, Live Music, Drinks, Dinner
Tickets, $20
Hilarious, Cozy

Out By 10: Stories & Music

Noho Sound, 62 Cooper Square, Manhattan

idk tipCheck Musae out for more incredible artistic-focused experiences like this one. 

out by 10 nyc

Cafe Mocha

116, 2nd Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: As the name suggests, their mocha coffee is not to be missed. Save it for the last thing you taste before you head home. 

cafe mocha nyc