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The Pandering Pig x Las Tapas



First, get your French fix at The Pandering Pig. This petite bistro in Hudson Heights gives you a literal taste of the City of Love, while also sprinkling in some Northern California flair. Whether you start with something small, like the warm spiced apples and brie, or go large with the polenta-and-blue cheese coq au vin, you’ll feel legit amour fou for these “FreNoCal” flavors. We especially love the classic French details sprinkled around the decor, from the powder blue suede booths to the miniature black-and-white framed photos of old-school French artists.

After dinner, head over to Las Tapas and trade in French flavors for Spanish cocktails and desserts. This intimate locale marries rustic European charm with an upscale touch, keeping their aesthetic simple, but stylish. It’s a cozy spot to end the night, and pairing something sweet like the coconut-coated Jae’s mojito with something even sweeter like their crema catalana (it’s chilled custard with a caramelized sugar shell) is the ideal way to do Las Tapas (and date night) justice.

Hudson Heights
Dinner, Drinks, Dessert
Fairly Priced
Intimate, Romantic

The Pandering Pig

209 Pinehurst Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: They’ve got some impressive beer selections on tap, and we’re especially fond of the La Chouffe (even though you probably don’t typically connect French culture with beer).

pandering pig nyc
Credit: The Pandering Pig

Las Tapas

808 West 187th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Since restraint should be restricted when it comes to dessert, we also recommend stacking your table up with their homemade churros. Because to hell with guilt!

las tapas nyc
Credit: Las Tapas