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Parade Cafe x Suzy’s Roti Parlour



While whipped up coffee concoctions and foreign health ingredients are at their trendiest, sometimes it’s just a plain ole’ cup of drip coffee that’ll hit the sweet spot, and in that case, you want to make sure it’s a damn good one. Catch up with your love at the cutesy and rustic wood-embossed space that is Parade Cafe, where you won’t get a better iced coffee or a more perfectly straightforward latte to sip on while you whet your appetites. It’s all about that simple good stuff here, and they sure know how to give it to you in an atmosphere of mellowness, relaxation, and smiles.

As if anything wrapped burrito-style isn’t enough to catch your appetite, one bite of loaded roti from Suzy’s Roti Parlour will have you hooked on this deliciously messy cuisine instantly. Small, simple and super down to earth, the cooking at Suzy’s will warm your heart the way only homestyle cooking can, with hearty stewed meats, savory chicken, fresh veggies and just-made roti flatbread leading the way. Caribbean and Trinidadian influences blend flavorfully and powerfully to give you hefty favorites like oxtail roti (stewed and simmered, tender bone-in oxtail with potato in a seasoned split pea wrap), veggie roti (spinach, chickpeas, butternut squash and potato, burrito style, in a seasoned split pea wrap) and curry stew beef (beef chuck tenderloin slow cooked in coconut milk curry with tamarind and aromatic spices) and satiate your cravings to the max.

Windsor Terrace
Coffee, Dinner
Cheery, Vibrant

Parade Cafe

622 Caton Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: The cafe closes at six, so make sure you’re ready to do dinner on the earlier side.

parade cafe nyc
Credit: Parade Cafe, Facebook

Suzy's Roti Parlour

907 Church Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: One of you absolutely has to order the Mac Pie. Baked, four-cheese macaroni? Yes please.

suzy's roti parlour nyc
Credit: Suzy's Roti Parlour, Yelp