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The Pasta Show x Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Kölner



Start tonight at Frank’s Cocktail Lounge for The Pasta Show. Yes, it is a comedy show paired with eating pasta—exactly what you thought! Every month, hosts Kenice and Brian bring delicious homemade Italian food and New York’s most popular comedians together for one very special show in Fort Greene. Lucky for you two, the $10 ticket price includes seating for the show and the pasta of the month.

Post-show, if you’re still hungry or just want to drink another beer on a Thursday night, wander over to Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Kölner. It’s not October, so it makes sense that you’re not in Germany drinking out of a stein while a fraulein delivers brats and sauerkraut to your table at the beer hall. But with eighteen German microbrews on tap, Die Stammkneipe—that’s “the local’s pub” in German—will have you thinking “why not” as you order pint after pint. Prost!

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The Pasta Show

Frank’s Cocktail Lounge, 660 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Keep up to date on the next Pasta Show by following Kenice Mobley on Eventbrite here

the pasta show nyc
Credit: The Pasta Show

Die Stammkneipe/Der Schwarze Kölner

710 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Come back on a Tuesday night for trivia and artisan vegan würste.

die stammkneipe/ der schwarze koelner
Credit: Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Koelner