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Piacere NYC x Broome Street Bakery



Have you ever had dessert before dinner? We know, how unruly of us to broach such a topic! But we dare you to get wild on this one. Hop over to the new Broome Street Bakery for some pre-feast carb loading; buns, bear claws, and jelly doughnuts galore! Broome Street Bakery is the Zabar family’s newest addition to its empire, which mostly resides on the upper half of Manhattan. On Fridays and Saturdays, the bakery closes at 6 p.m., so make sure to embark on this rebellious journey early on in your night.

After splitting a slice of chocolate babka, head over towards Little Italy to enjoy a romantic, intimate dinner at Piacere. The muted lighting inside creates a cozy setting for lovin’, but the restaurant also offers outdoor seating. Piacere prides themselves on fresh and organic ingredients, which may explain the heftier price tags, but they’re justified. Enjoy a light and perfectly-smoked pizza straight from their brick oven with a crisp Moretti beer. If you prefer pasta, the pappardelle with wild boar or the seafood pasta are both equally appetizing. And don’t worry, if you cannot translate the Italian menu, Piacere’s waitstaff is known to be incredibly friendly, professional, and accommodating.

Lower East Side
Dinner and Pre-Dinner Dessert
Casual, Cozy, Buzzing

Broome Street Bakery

254 Broome Street, Manhattan

idk tip: They only accept cash and Amex. We know—an interesting combination. 

Broome Street Bakery
Credit: Broome Street Bakery

Piacere NYC

351 Broome St, Manhattan

idk tip: Vegan? Let the chef know and he’ll whip you up a special pasta. 

Credit: Paola Beretti