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Reviewed by Jordan x Nick in August 2017.


Pinto is a flickering candlelit Thai restaurant in Brooklyn Heights. Expect all of your go-to dishes (spicy basil chicken, fried rice, drunken noodles) at a reasonable price ($12-14 per entree). The menu changes seasonally (pumpkin curry this fall!) — and it’s nice to see a Thai restaurant putting an emphasis on sustainably sourced food. We’re used to seeing that at all of the “New American” spots, so bravo Pinto. Listen to Jordan and Nick’s walk home below.


Thai Restaurant
Cozy Chic
Fairly Priced
128 Montague Street, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Heights
Montague & Henry
NR, 23, 45
pinto bill

Jordan's Take

Food Rating: 8

We had straight up good Thai food. Nothing out of the ordinary. I got the spicy basil chicken, and Nick got chicken fried rice. Both were highly acceptable. We forgot our leftovers, and I was very, very upset so that also goes to show how much I liked it / wanted to eat it again the next day.

Service Rating: 8

Again, nothing out of the ordinary. The food was brought out quickly!

Fun Factor: 6

It was very quiet when we went — only one or two other tables were filled. But it was kind of sweet in it’s low-key mood. Just not a place that I would describe as super fun.

idk tip

I would go to this place for dinner, but pair it with a cool bar nearby for drinks for a full date night.

Return Appearance? 

I would potentially come back if we were in Brooklyn Heights again, and felt like Thai.

Nick's Take

Food Rating: 8

The chicken fried rice was excellent. It was very hot (which I asked for) but still very flavorful.

Service Rating: 9

When I told the waitress I wanted it spicy, she gave me a look like “Thai or white boy spicy?”…I doubled down and she delivered. Although I may just get the standard level of heat next time.

Fun Factor: 6

It may just have been the neighborhood but it was very quiet and borderline dead in there. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and was great for conversation but you need to bring your own energy. (#BYOE)

idk tip

Be careful when you ask a Thai restaurant to kick up the spice.

Return Appearance? 

It’s a little far from where we live but I would go back if I found myself on that side of the East River.