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Pizza Moto x La Slowteria



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From the team made famous for flipping Neopolitan style pizzas out of their portable brick-oven in the streets of New York, is a lively joint you’d expect to find in the busy streets of Naples. Housed in a rustic space that was originally a bakery built in the mid-1800s, the team repurposed the original coal oven to burn on wood. They are serving up some of the best pizzas in NY, plus other must-have menu items—that is if you can get past the temptation of the thin, bubbly, homestyle pizzas passing you by.

Now that you’re in the hood, you may as well make the most of it and end the night on a high with a margarita or three at La Slowteria. Yes, this is a mighty fine restaurant from the Yucatan region of Mexico, but it’s equally well suited to a casual drink before, or after, dinner. While you’re there, peruse the menu and watch all the elevated, traditional Yucatan style dishes come out—it’s good motivation for your next visit. 

Carrol Gardens / Gowanus
Pizza & Margaritas
Fun, Upbeat

Pizza Moto

338 Hamilton Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Pizza Moto also caters to groups, prix-fixe (at a very reasonable price) kicks in for groups over 7, and includes free-flowing local beers and natural wines.

pizza moto nyc
Credit: Pizza Moto

La Slowteria

548 Court Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…

la slowteria nyc
Credit: La Slowteria