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PortuGrill x The Penrose



The green and red neon chicken you see standing on Lexington Avenue might not intrigue you any more than any fast food establishment, but inside, you will find way more culinary intrigue than KFC could ever provide. Famous for its flame-grilled chicken, served so moist it melts in your mouth, PortuGrill offers signature Portuguese flavor—see the Piri Piri sauce, infused with garlic, basil, onions, and jalapeno peppers—at the hands of executive chef Leon De La Cruz. Get a whole chicken for less than $17, or go for one of the combo meals, which come with a salad and two sides. 

Wash all that chicken down with an old-fashioned cocktail or a craft beer at The Penrose, a charming bar set in brick and accented with leather booths and vintage wood furniture. The bar seats just a few, but it’s very aesthetically pleasing with its slight curves—a great vantage point from which to take the action in. Subway tile, old-timey wallpaper, and a beastly typewriter take you back in time—as does the gorgeous signage, which feels like an homage to 1920s Hollywood. But what really takes the prize here is the care with which everything is prepared, from brunch to lunch to those darling cocktails quite unlike anything you’ve tasted elsewhere. If you need a jolt, try the cold brew infused with Campari and vermouth. Or perhaps continue your international exploration with the São Paulo Punch, featuring coconut, pineapple, passion fruit plus cognac and rum. Whatever you order, you’ll want to Instagram it.

Upper East Side
Dinner, Drinks
Low-key, Vintage


1215 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Don’t skip dessert. While there are only three options—cheesecake, flan, brigadeiro cake, they are fresh, rich and prepared in authentic Portuguese tradition, making each a perfect choice to finish off your meal.

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Credit: (In)Side - Upper East Side, New York Blog

The Penrose

1590 Second Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Grab a shot. These infusions are unique, pack a punch and showcase The Penrose’s eclectic whiskey collection, which includes cinnamon-infused bourbon and coffee-infused rye.

the penrose nyc
Credit: The Penrose