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The Best Pride Events in NYC This Month

By: Rachel Clayton

Pride is always so much fun it’s hard to accept that it only happens once a year—but then again, it can also be uniquely exhausting in the best way possible. This year New York is celebrating World Pride, so it’s sure to be extra extra. Whether you’re looking to celebrate, remember, organize, or a combination of the three, here’s a guide to the best Pride events so you and your partner can celebrate your love with the best of the best.

The Best Pride Events in NYC This Month

Pride Parade
Route Starts at 5th Avenue and 26th Street

Yes, this one is obvious, but it’s a must include on any Pride event roundup. The Pride Parade happens every year and is one of the most attended Pride events. Grab a spot along the barriers and watch as more than four hundred floats and marchers come down 5th Ave, with everything from celebrities, stunts, political messages, and music. Expect to get lots of freebies as organizations and supportive businesses throw rainbow regalia into the crowd. Another thing to expect: crowds. Get there early to grab a good spot along the route and don’t be afraid to bring provisions (a day flask is a common accessory here).

Credit: World Pride NYC
SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, Manhattan

For those looking for a quieter way to celebrate and catch the newest LGBTQ+ films, there’s OutCinema. Born out of a partnership with SVA and NewFest, OutCinema will screen queer films followed by lively Q&As and open bar events. The screenings run for three nights, so you have a chance to see coming of age film Adam, a documentary on the UK ball scene in Manchester called Deep in Vogue, or WIG, a documentary on Wigfest—the Q&A of which has big names like Lady Bunny and Neil Patrick Harris.

Credit: World Pride NYC
Drag Brunch at Oscar Wilde
45 West 27th Street, Manhattan

Brunch is an iconic part of queer culture, so celebrate Pride by taking your lover to the greatest iteration of it: Drag Brunch. Held at the hip Oscar Wilde bar that pays homage to the (reportedly queer) Irish playwright, this brunch is hosted by queen Jasmine Rice LaBeija, an opera singer and drag performer who has racked up titles around the city. Joining her is DJ 2 Face to keep the vibe upbeat and clubby, even at 1 pm. There’s the option for unlimited booze or one drink depending on how much you want to spend and how crunk you’re willing to get.

Credit: Oscar Wilde, Facebook
LadyLand Festival
140 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn

One of the best music festivals of the year is undoubtedly going to be LadyLand Festival, happening during the last weekend in June. The festival is at Brooklyn Mirage, a giant outdoor venue that emphasizes dancing, an obviously perfect choice for this festival. Curated by LadyFag, the known “nightlife sorceress,” the lineup is composed of LGBTQ+ acts like Honey Dijon, Allie X, Dorian Electric, Gossip, Pussy Riot, and more. More acts are being added all the time, making the ticket prices even more worth it, so be sure to grab yours soon.

Credit: LadyLand, Facebook
SVA Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, Manhattan

Pride isn’t all about partying; it’s also about activism and looking at LGBTQ+ politics and progress—but that doesn’t mean these events can’t also be engaging and entertaining. GameChangers is such an event, a panel organized by SVA and GLAAD featuring beloved actor George Takei and Leyna Bloom, a transgender actor, model, and activist. The panel will focus on the changes in the entertainment history that LGBTQ+ leaders have inspired and will also have a Q&A and networking reception so you can finally ask George Takei how he does Twitter so well.

Credit: World Pride NYC

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The Ginger Snapped
425 Lafayette Street, Manhattan

The Ginger Snapped is the newest show featuring Jinkx Monsoon, a Drag Race winner and iconic performer. Accompanied by Major Scales on the piano, the duo will perform exclusive first reveals of the hits from their upcoming album. Performing with her usual manic and diva energy, Jinkx will explore the dark side of Drag success and fame along with exploring whether her best years as behind her (spoiler: not even close). The high energy show goes down at Joe’s Pub and requires a two item minimum alongside the ticket price, so don’t worry about pregaming beforehand.

Credit: The Ginger Snapped, Facebook
Out to Climb
575 DeGraw Street, Brooklyn

If you and your partner love to be active, then you can do that and celebrate pride with Brooklyn Boulder’s Out To Climb event. Held twice during the month of June, this is more than climbing their rainbow boulder route—the event will also have vertical drag performances, belay races, and a DJ to keep the energy as high as you’ll be climbing. The event is hosted by Dr. Wang Newton and will have beverages from Brooklyn Brewery, so it’s guaranteed to be a little wilder than your usual climbing workout.

Credit: Brooklyn Boulders, Facebook
Savor Pride
166 Sixth Avenue, Manhattan

Those in the community know that Chopped is unofficially part of the queer culture canon, and Savor Pride is here for all you LGBTQ+ foodies. The event is set to benefit God’s Love We Deliver, a charity that provides meals to those with severe illnesses. Knowing you’re helping a good cause, you and your lover can dig into barbecue and other home cooking- inspired meals while watching cooking demonstrations and discussions between LBGTQ+ chefs and restaurateurs. The first chef to be announced is Renee Blackman herself, a Chopped star and culinary icon.

Credit: World Pride NYC
Queer History Walks
99 Gansevoort Street, Manhattan

The Queer History Walk offers up the rare free Pride event and the opportunity to learn more about the LGBTQ+ history in New York. Hosted by the Whitney Museum, this walk takes you around the neighborhood of the museum to learn about how the Hudson River piers, clubs, and other locations factored into queer history and culture. The walks take place every Friday at sunset and only require a simple reservation to come along on the stroll.

Credit: Ed Lederman, Whitney Museum, Facebook
Blunderland Variety Show
2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

House of Yes is obviously serving up a number of special Pride-themed nights, but the most exciting of the lineup may be the Blunderland Variety Show. This is a variety show like you’ve never been to before, filled to the brim with stunts, over the top acts, and psychedelic performances. Basically, it’s a show full of showstoppers like a circus, burlesque, cabaret, and more. The night is hosted by Eric Schmalenberger, and NYC artist, performer, and clown fit for the task. Tickets are limited as is seating, so make sure to grab your spot early.

Credit: Brynne Levy Photography, House of Yes, Facebook

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