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Prospect x Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Kölner



If Prospect was a person, he/she would probably be a compulsive perfectionist. Thankfully, Prospect is a restaurant, and obsessive perfection can be a desirable trait, especially when it means your Gibson is made with an in season, wild foraged, pickled ramp instead of the usual straight-from-the-jar pickled onion, and your burger is served on a toasted Portuguese bun that has enough butter, flavor, and heft to stand up to the richness of the beef patty. They’re perfectionists at Prospect, but they aren’t pretentious–kick back, hang out, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, add fixin’s like chicken liver mousse to that burger of yours.

Post din, wander over to Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Kölner. It’s not October, so it makes sense that you’re not in Germany drinking out of a stein while a fraulein delivers brats and sauerkraut to your table at the beer hall. But with eighteen German microbrews on tap, Die Stammkneipe—that’s “the local’s pub” in German—will have you thinking “why not” as you order pint after pint. Prost!

Fort Greene
Dinner, Beer
Laid Back, Casual


773 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Prospect is big on the specials like Burger Monday and Wine Tuesday for deep discounts, or show up for Happy Hour, where drinks are $5-9, and oysters are $1.50 each.

prospect nyc brooklyn

Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Kölner

710 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: No trip to a beer hall is complete without a jumbo pretzel. The ones here are buttery and soft, with a crisp exterior. Order one. Or two.

die stammkneipe der schwarze kolner