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Rincón Criollo x Delicioso Coco Helado



Rincón Criollo is the heart of traditional Puerto Rican music in New York City. It was built in the late 1970s by founder José Manuel “Chema” Soto. The one you see today is an incarnation of its original form, but still holds the same sentiment for the community. Soto had had enough of the sights of destruction in his neighborhood and decided to bring his own little piece of the Puerto Rican countryside to the Bronx—he chose a vacant lot, and enlisted the help of the local community to create a little home of their own and called it Rincón Criollo (Downhome Corner). In peak outdoor season, members still gather almost every day of the week to relax and play dominoes, or hold plena or bomba jam sessions. During the larger concerts, hundreds of people convene for festive afternoons of food, family fun, and music that you won’t hear in many other places around New York City.

After you’ve gotten a taste of the Puerto Rican community, head over to Delicioso Coco Helado for another kind of tropical delight—a frozen one that you can eat. You know those tropical frozen treats sold from carts on the street during the hot summer months? This is your place. The Bronx factory is the heart of the Thiebaud family run business: “35 years of fun, hard work and desire to produce the very best (real fruit) frozen tropical treats in New York City.” Talk about the fruits of labor.

Puerto-Rican History, Ice Cream
Refreshing, Colorful

Rincón Criollo

749 Brook Avenue, Bronx

idk tip: Wear something bright to fit in with the scene. Trust us, it’ll be better for the gram.

rincon criollo nyc
Credit: Rincón Criollo, Photo by: Jorge Vasquez

Delicioso Coco Helado

849 Saint Ann’s Avenue, Bronx

idk tip: It’s also available in pints to go.

delicioso coco helado nyc
Credit: Suzanne DeChillo for The New York Times