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Roey’s x Dominique Ansel Bakery



Rosemary’s Pizza has made it official, giving their casual spin-off restaurant a name—Roey’s—an all-day Italian cafe serving cacio e pepe egg sandwiches and roast chicken in a sun-filled space. Their goal is to serve wholesome, delicious food all day long, available to go or to be enjoyed in the café’s dining room. Which, we must say, resembles a cafe you’d stumble across in the streets of Florence or Venice with its rustic charm, hanging plants and big communal tables.

From brunch to pastries, because, why not? Actually, we have an answer. They’re made by the famed dessert and pastry chef, Dominique Ansel, and because they’re effing delicious. More than 70% of the menu is finished, assembled, or baked right when you order them which means they’re perfectly fresh every time. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any better…in the exposed kitchens, you’ll see the cooks emulsify lemon curd and European butter for your freshly made Lemon Yuzu Tart, or fold your chocolate mousse to order so it’s fluffier than air. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you’ll never want to leave. 

West Village
Dinner, Dessert
Casual, Cool


1 Perry Street, Manhattan

idk tip: If you go back for lunch, definitely do the prix fixe, it’s $24 and you’ll leave satisfied.

roey's nyc
Credit: Roey's

Dominique Ansel

137 Seventh Avenue South, Manhattan

idk tip: Don’t miss the “DKA”—a treat our founder quotes as “the best thing in the world”.

dominique ansel dka
Credit: Dominique Ansel