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Ronin Stones x The Magician



Ronin Stones isn’t a typo, but rather a beautiful interweaving of rock n’ roll and izakaya. This Japanese restaurant is decked out in non-traditional decor with distressed brick, framed album art, guitars, and concert-esque lighting in neon reds and blues. The menu focuses on Japanese barbeque in skewer and bowl form, with a “secret” sake bar in the back for the real fans.

The real trick up The Magician’s sleeve? Is that it’s actually just a laid back, locals bar. The bar is dim with only underlit bar lighting and a neon green clock. They have a main bar area with a few green tables and a back room if you need more space to nurse your Guinness or groove to the jukebox tunes. You’ll be amazed and astounded by their happy hours, where you can get draft beers and house cocktails like blueberry lemonade for $5 or less.

Lower East Side
Dinner, Drinks
Cool, Casual

Ronin Stones

69A Clinton Street, Manhattan

idk tip: The bites are on the smaller side, so order big.

ronin stones nyc
Credit: Ronin Stones, Facebook

The Magician

118 Rivington Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Cash only, so make those bills magically appear.

the magician bar nyc
Credit: The Magician