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Sadelle’s x Sweetwater Social



It may be time for dinner, but the two of you will be feasting on brunch options tonight at Sadelle’s. With massive brick walls, marble banquet tables, and a warm, industrial aesthetic, Sadelle’s is all about the brunch life (but with that elevated hook to keep things interested). You can go for something fancy, like the lobster benedict with caviar, or their inverted grilled cheese, and if you want something on the sweeter side, their overnight-soaked french toast is some next-level fried and grilled goodness.

After dinner, head down a few blocks to Sweetwater Social. It’s dimly lit, dressed in vintage furniture, like old church pews and leather sofas, and rocking some sweet arched brick ceilings. Also, if you want something more to do aside from lounge around and drink (we may be embarking on a love affair with their cucumber-based Hashtag Holy F*ck cocktail), they’ve got foosball and shuffleboard for your playing pleasure. To be honest, this is basically the hideout from Oliver Twist if Fagan had style and money to spare.

Dinner, Drinks
Fairly Priced
Cozy, Classy


463 W Broadway, Manhattan

idk tip: If you like the vibes, but still want a traditional dinner menu, don’t worry—they’ve got some great options there as well (we personally heart the spicy fried chicken with honey truffle).

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Sweetwater Social

643 Broadway, Manhattan

idk tip: Be sure to order their bag o’ popcorn and jar o’ jerky if there’s a rumbly in your tumbly.

sweetwater social nyc