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The Secret David Bowie NYC Tour x Two Boots



It never hurts to walk in someone else’s shoes, and today you’ll be walking in David Bowie’s. Rebel Rebel: The Secret David Bowie NYC Tour will lead you down the same trails Bowie once walked, through various city locations that helped define the late musician. Led by a bona fide Bowie expert, this tour is a walkable celebration of music, visual arts, and inherent passion, taking you everywhere from various recording spots in the Village to his most recent work conceived in SoHo. Running at roughly two and a half hours long, the tour starts at 12pm with tickets running at $49. Also, it’s the perfect chance for you two to go “dancing in the streets.”

Before you let that walk exhaustion take you over, stroll around the block to Two Boots for some pizza. While most city za sticks to Italian roots, this shop sprinkles Cajun flair into their pies. And, though location itself is cramped, the menu will more than make up for the strain in your tired thighs. Instead of settling on basic flavors, they’ve got everything from The Bayou Beast (which is pretty much shrimp gumbo on pizza) to The Swamp Witch (all you need to know is that the base meat is alligator).

West Village
David Bowie, Walking, Pizza
Tickets, $49
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The Secret David Bowie NYC Tour

178 7th Avenue South, Manhattan

idk tip: Keep in mind that the tour consist of ten people, so don’t expect any one-on-one specials. That said, learning about Bowie among fellow Bowie fans adds to the experience.

secret david bowie tour nyc
Credit: Rebel Rebel: The Secret David Bowie NYC Tour, Musae

Two Boots

201 West 11th Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Some pies even pay homage to classic movie characters, like The Royal Tenenbaum, The Dude, and The Divine.

two boots nyc
Credit: Two Boots, West Village