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Sex Trivia Sundays x Bonus Room



If an event hosted by a group calling themselves “Inner Hoe Uprising” doesn’t galvanize you to start planning a date night, you might need to take a look at your relationship. Every month this group hosts Sex Trivia Sundays at Luv Story, a hip dive bar that feels like hanging out at a friend’s apartment. You can watch or participate for free, and all are welcome in this safe space, even the sexually ignorant. Though there will be a sexy prize for whatever person or team wins, they also have sex specialists on hand to explain concepts more thoroughly. It’s like playing geography review trivia in high school, only way racier and with topics you might actually be interested in.

Fill your newly knowledgeable head with drinks on drinks at Bonus Room just down the street. This bar has been aptly described as “Dad’s basement bar” and fits the bill with wood paneling, vinyl booths, velvet paintings, and a cache of pinball machines. Unlike a lot of dive bars in the area, however, it doesn’t feel like an ironic recreation, but an earnest watering hole where you can still get PBR and a shot for $6. These deals and laid-back vibe brings an eclectic crowd out, so you can expect to close down the bar with a group of regulars and characters. Your call on whether to share your newly-learned sex trivia with them.

Bushwick / Ridgewood
Comedy, Drinks
Kitschy, Lively

Sex Trivia Sundays at Luv Story

Luv Story, 894 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Don’t sleep on their creative bathroom wall writing.

inner hoe uprising nyc
Credit: Inner Hoe Uprising

Bonus Room

991 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Their $2 nachos are nothing fancy, but it’ll do the job for the drunk and hungry.

bonus room nyc
Credit: Bonus Room, Facebook