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Smorgasburg x Biba of Williamsburg



It’s warmer out and we know you want to be enjoying that weather. How better to do that than Smorgasburg. It’s back for the warmer months and brings with it some of the trendiest food stalls (souffle pancakes! kombucha popsicles!), as well as a huge range of foods from different countries—often mashed up. It’s the solution to those date night disagreements where nobody can seem to figure out where (or what) to eat.

After stuffing yourselves senseless, keep with the laid-back (but, uh, cozy) vibes, and head over to Biba of Williamsburg—a Polish-American pub a stone’s throw away. A beer garden on the waterfront, this hidden gem came about from the owner’s desire to have a spot that was “a nice place to hang out, to have a couple of drinks, and something to eat with no pretense and no posturing”. They boast a large beer menu, as well as some elaborate cocktails, like the Dionoso Silva (your choice of alcohol with lightly sweetened black iced tea, fresh squeezed lemon, orange and mint, garnished with lemon, mint leaf, and seasonal berries). We’re fans. 

Market Hall, Drinks
Bustling, Laid-back

Summer Smorgasburg

East River State Park, 90 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Find the line-up for 2019 here.

smorgasburg nyc
Credit: Smorgasburg

Biba of Williamsburg

110 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: If you’re still hungry, try the Biba burger. 

biba nyc
Credit: Brooklyn Magazine