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Snark Park x Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine



If the only thing that may have dragged you to Hudson Yards before was the need to board a Greyhound, replace those memories by checking out the new Hudson Yards with your lover. Inside a recently opened mall is Snark Park, an art installation that promises to get you moving and provide ample selfie opportunities. The creators behind Snark Park plan to bring different avant-garde works to the space, and the current installation is no exception. Called Lost and Found, it features a series of monochromatic rooms and experiments with texture and perspective. Wander through and prepare to come out with several new cute couple pics.

Continue your date through interesting spaces by heading over to the glitzy Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine. This restaurant feels like eating in an upscale gallery with a colorful and geometric ceiling design, white table cloths, dark leather, and plenty of windows to balance out a fair amount of TVs. The menu consists of upgraded sports bar food and American classics, from quesadillas, burgers, and buffalo wings to lobster and steak dinners that are great if you feeling like splashing out. The portions are huge, making up for the fact that the chance Clyde Frazier will actually be there is pretty slim (but not impossible!)

Hudson Yards
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Snark Park

20 Hudson Yards, Manhattan

idk tip: They sell Kith ice cream and cereal if you need a sugar boost.

snark park nyc
Credit: No Proscenium

Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine

485 10th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Stick to beer and wine if you don’t like sweet cocktails.

clyde frazier's wine and dine nyc
Credit: Clyde Frazier's Wine & Dine