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The Sparrow Tavern x Softcore! at QED



For upscale pub fare in a cozy environment, start your night off at The Sparrow Tavern. The thick, grey walls on the outside may give it more the feel of an impenetrable fortress, but once you’re inside it’s all divey English charm complete with faded wallpaper and simple wooden tables. In addition to an obviously wide selection of beers, wines, and liquors, they serve over the pond dishes like split pee mash and a falafel sandwich along with grub stables like burgers, wings, and mac and cheese.

Softcore! Isn’t exactly what you think, though softcore porn is involved (oh, that is what you thought?). This monthly show, hosted by Chris Gersbeck and Jenn Wehrung, invites quick-witted comedians to come and roast parts of a low-quality softcore porn movie, mocking the acting, dialogue, and overall cheesiness. This month it’s Star Wars themed in honor of May The Fourth, so you and your Jedi-loving bae will get to see the Star Wars Holiday Special and clips from a Star Wars porn parody—which can only be an improvement of the holiday special—mocked, riffed off, and ultimately enjoyed.

Dinner, Drinks, Comedy
Homey, Upbeat

The Sparrow Tavern

24-01 29th Street, Queens

idk tip: Make a note of their brunch options for a day when you really need a Full English.

the sparrow tavern nyc
Credit: Drink NYC

Softcore! At QED

27-16 23rd Avenue, Queens

idk tip: The ninety-minute show is long and goes late, so pace yourself with drinks.

softcore qed nyc
Credit: QED