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Spoonfed NYC x Pre-Valentine’s Bouquet Night with Petal + Eon



Flowers are love’s most classic token, but instead of gifting a bouquet that’ll wither in a week, give your S.O. an even stronger symbol of your love with a handmade bouquet to last the whole year. We’re teaming up with Petal+Eon to bring you a super cute hands-on event to warm up your romantic spirits the day before Valentine’s Day, giving you all the tools and guidance you need to put together a beautiful, blossoming bouquet from peak-bloom preserved Eon Flowers. Show up alone if you need something special to surprise your person with the next day, or create your symbol of undying love together—the $65 registration fee is good for you and your guest to share one bouquet. But since you’re coming from idk, use the promo code idktonight for 40% off! Grab your discounted tickets here.

Fuel up for your night of creativity at Spoonfed NYC. Featuring Southern fare from Randy Witherspoon—the caterer for all your favorite shows (including Hamilton and Wicked)—the restaurant was a labor of love from actors, technicians, and staff from Broadway. The food and decor at the locale are designed to make you feel a sense of love, belonging, warmth and hospitality, while still retaining the sense of a home-cooked meal. Take their advice, and eat it like you mean it, honey!

Midtown West
Dinner, Bouquet-crafting
Relaxed, Creative

Spoonfed NYC

331 West 51st Street, Manhattan

idk tip:  The spot often features live jazz. Check their calendar to see when the next performance is. 

spoonfed nyc
Credit: Spoonfed NYC

Pre-Valentine's Bouquet Night with Petal + Eon

Spaces, 1740 Broadway, Manhattan

idk tip: idk’s audience gets 40% off this event with the code idktonight.

petal eon nyc
Credit: Petal+Eon