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Springbone Kitchen x Underdog



This one’s for your health, warmth, nourishment, and satisfaction through real, whole foods and the power of untouched nature at Springbone Kitchen. Aside from their signature bone broth, which comes with a variety of high-quality meat options (as well as vegan broth), there’s flavorful, uplifting dishes like Ropa Vieja, healthful Grandma’s Chicken and Rice (roasted carrots, Brussel sprouts, citrus-beet puree, tango-chile sauce) and hefty, 100% grass-fed burgers with a smatter of caramelized onions. There are smoothies, and breakfast served all day, and vegan desserts to top it off—basically, all you need for a meal that makes you both feel energized, body and mind.

This speakeasy style bar prides itself on impressing its patrons out of nowhere with a worldly selection of craft beer and classic cocktails turned special. At Underdog, their modern makes are of two levels: low ABV cocktails, and spirit-forward for those who go deep into liquor. Drinks are in categories that make it easy to find what you want. “Light and Refreshing” will bring you to concoctions like the Thug Rose (Wild Turkey 101, peach, lemon, Peychaud bitters, soda), whereas being “Boozy and Adventurous” will get you drinks like the tantalizing Black Shuck. It’s a dark, snug spot that’s just right for a kickback cocktail and a good talk.

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Wholesome, Relaxing

Springbone Kitchen

74 Pearl Street, Manhattan

idk tip: You’ll both want to have their soft, savory Turmeric Cauliflower Rice as a side—trust us.

springbone kitchen nyc
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55 Stone Street, Manhattan

idk tip: You did your dinner healthy, so give yourself a treat by splitting their Korean Kimchi Fries.

underdog nyc
Credit: Underdog