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Stoked at Mad Tropical x Bunna Cafe



Take advantage of living in a city of dreamers by seeing some of the best and brightest upcoming comedians at Stoked. This monthly stand up show is not only free but also hosted by respected comedian and producer Amber Rollo, meaning the line up is heavily curated to keep you from a barrage of jokes about people’s junk. The show is at Mad Tropical, a funky warehouse space with leafy plants, hipster bartenders, and neon club lighting. Make everything funnier with their fruity tropical drinks, especially the infamous Seed in the Pipe and make sure to sop up the alcohol with some $2 tacos—those cocktails are strong.

When you’re craving a second dinner after the show, head over to Bunna Cafe for the best Ethiopian food in the neighborhood. This vegan spot may be meatless but is definitely not dry, so give some attention to their selection of Ethiopian beers or their honey wine, otherwise known as the nectar of the gods. The geometric art, intricate wooden shelves, and thatched hutch give the restaurant a rustic vibe that’s a feast for the eyes. And speaking of feasts—order the feast for two and you won’t be sorry. Along with sharing 9 of the cafe’s best dishes, you’ll have the option of feeding each other injera-wrapped bites with your bare hands.

Comedy, Late-night Eats
Chill, Hip

Stoked at Mad Tropical

236 Troutman Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: An hour before the show is an open mic if you want more laughs or a chance to show off yourself—liquid courage optional.

amber rollo nyc
Credit: Amber Rollo

Bunna Cafe

1084 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Cash only and worth every penny.

bunna cafe nyc
Credit: From Serious Eats: New York