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Strange Flavor x Queen of Hearts



Some enchanted evening! Start the night at one of Bushwick’s favorite burger shacks. What Strange Flavor lacks in menu and seating, it makes up for in flavor. Certainly not for the health-conscious, order up delicious burgers and fries from the window and park your bums on the grass to soak up every last droplet of special sauce. If you like basic, try the pop’s burger. It’s everything you want in a burger, without any of the frills. If you want to see why they call it ‘Strange Flavor,’ try the chop burger. With charred cabbage, peanuts and cilantro, it’s as strange as it is delicious.

When you’ve finished every last French fry, head on over to Queen of Hearts. A burlesque interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, watch as the dancers twist, kick and turn for a magical, unforgettable show. The theatre reeks of old-time glamour, where you and your honey can lounge on theme-appropriate furniture and sip on expertly mixed cocktails. If you’re feeling hoppity, try the White Rabbit, which combines vodka and ginger liqueur. And don’t worry, it won’t be off with your heads… unless you don’t clap loudly enough.

Dinner and a Show
Daring and Exciting

Strange Flavor

369 Troutman Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: There is limited seating at Strange Flavor, so don’t be afraid to grab a spot on the grass.

Strange Flavor
Credit: Gothamist

Queen of Hearts

383 Troutman Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Tickets are limited, so be sure to reserve in advance!

Queen of Hearts
Credit: Company XIV