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Sunrise/Sunset x Caffeine Underground



Tonight is for the haters who think going out can’t be as relaxing as staying in. And it starts with Sunrise/Sunset. This low-key, breezy cafe is all about the laid-back atmosphere, with sunlight pouring in through the wall-to-wall glassed-in entrance, informal bench and folding chair seating, and an all-around rustic aesthetic that feels as casual as it is charming. The menu is limited but unique (shout-out to the beet burger and tapenade grilled cheese), and if you’re jonesing for some fresh air, their back patio is a hip, no-frills hideaway staying true to the cafe’s nonchalant ambiance.

Now, onto Round 2 of Bushwick cafes (only now you’ll be focusing on the actual coffee). Stroll over to the Caffeine Underground for a unique experience that puts a modern spin on the classic coffee shop M.O. With an energetic, artistic, and inclusive hook, the standout feature at Caffeine Underground is its use of CBD-infused beverages (aka the calming, non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). With NYC’s only CBD-infused coffee (though they also offer other CBD-infused beverages like cappuccinos, teas, and Americanos), the idea here is to feel simultaneously energized and relaxed. So, find a seat beside their retro television, enjoy the diverse wall art from local artists, and enjoy a performance from some live music while you enjoy each other’s tranquil vibes.

Dinner, Coffee, Music
Fairly Priced
Relaxed, Fun


351 Evergreen Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: Their biodynamic wine selection is a must, so—seeing as the second half of date night is all about caffeine—indulge.

sunrise/sunset nyc

Caffeine Underground

447 Central Avenue, Brooklyn

idk tip: They also offer CBD-infused snacks, like lollipops and even jam for a bagel or toast. Don’t hold back. 

caffeine underground brooklyn