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Suprema Provisions x Arthur’s Tavern



At Suprema, you just don’t skip the appetizer. Take your seats at a rough-hewn wood table under dim light and order up a board of artisanal salumi and formaggi to share before the main meal, then stop by the salumerie on your way out to take a fresh cut home. Yep, that’s right—this rustic establishment not only serves the best of the best in fine meats and cheese but doubles as a market for them too.

Another true taste of New York authenticity to top off that NYC Italian. Follow up your fine dining with some smooth, sexy jazz and blues at Arthur’s Tavern, an old-time jazz club that’s been playing sweet, silky tunes since the thirties. It’s quaintly small, dark, and covered in old posters and twinkly lights, so you’ll have to press up against each other while you take in the music. No cover, but a two drink minimum—and get there quick, ‘cause this heavenly jazz draws crowds.

West Village
Dinner, Drinks, and Live Music
Can Get Pricey
Sexy, Entrancing

Suprema Provisions

305 Bleeker Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Plot Twist: it’s their burger that really grips the crowds, so don’t be afraid (in fact, be excited) to miss out on any pasta.

suprema provisions nyc

Arthur's Tavern

57 Grove Street, Manhattan

idk tip: Cash only and crowded—expect cramped quarters and brisk staff.

arthurs tavern nyc