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Taiki x Grand Army Bar



Flown in from Japan, prepared by a single super-experienced Itamae (a chef in a Japanese kitchen), and then served at a perfectly intimate table for two, the sushi at Taiki is so incredibly fresh that it actually melts in your mouth—we’re talking all your favorite rolls at their finest. Kick it off with one of their innovative apps, like gazpacho and yellowtail sashimi salad, before digging into the main meal, where a mashup of alluringly fresh fish, from yellowtail to bluefin tuna to uni, is there for you to mix and match at your disposal. Pair these sushi delicacies with the calm, cool ambiance and you’ve got yourselves a lowkey date that’s not so lowkey on the taste buds.

Then, head over to Grand Army Bar. This upscale pub not only lays claim to inventive, strong and ever-changing cocktails, but also has a raw bar on lock, and some mighty good oysters to offer as its star. Their seasonal cocktails have lyrical names almost as inviting as they are—take the Fog Upon the Light of Day (vodka, cucumber, smoked salt, manzanilla sherry, honey), the Petals Glistening (overproof cognac, tamarind, Benedictine, sparkling rose) or the Whisper Sweet Words (gin, plum brandy, yuzu, ginger, habanero, lime juice) as examples of all the sweet and savory goodness there is to choose from. This is the place to keep up with the good seafood, so make sure you share some oysters and make the most of their cute sauce droppers, which range from flavors like shallot to taco.

Boerum Hill
Dinner, Drinks
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134 Nevins Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: Absolutely order the Miso Chowder—it’s like Miso Soup leveled up.

taiki nyc
Credit: Taiki

Grand Army Bar

336 State Street, Brooklyn

idk tip: If you’ve still got quite an appetite, go for their Seafood Tower.

grand army bar nyc
Credit: Grand Army Bar