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Tango Class for Couples x Tavola



Tango is the age-old way to get up close and personal with your partner in a sexy, classy style, and if you and your love have never given it a shot, now’s your chance. Highly rated experts—Strictly Tango—are swooping in with a two-hour beginner’s tango class that’s going to get hot and heavy. Split into two, the lesson consists of one hour of Intro to Tango, followed by another hour of Tango Fundamentals, all getting you geared up to communicate with your bodies, heighten sensual awareness and bring you closer to your love. The atmosphere is friendly, fun and non-judgmental, so don’t worry about anything other than being in tune with each other and dancing till you drop.

When you’ve strutted your stuff, head over to lively Midtown gem Tavola, a bustling, quality Italian spot that’ll have you feasting on their fresh pasta as if you were having a meal in a Roman market. The regional Italian cuisine here fares from Roman, Sicilian and Puglian traditions—meaning wood-burning ovens and olive oil sourced from top-notch Italian estates to enrich their array of pasta classics. Saucy lasagna della casa, cloud-like gnocchi, and spaghetti vongole (manila clams, roasted garlic, Italian parsley, peperoncino) are just a few of the pasta masterpieces you can choose from, and probably just what you need to fill your stomach with after a fiery tango session.

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Tango Class, Dinner
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Tango & Date Class for Couples

Pearl Studios, 500 8th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: Bring comfortable shoes and clothes, but if you’re not sure what to wear, it’s alright to come in your socks.

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Credit: Strictly Tango NYC, Eventbrite


488 9th Avenue, Manhattan

idk tip: They also make fire pizzas—we recommend the Viddana, with fire roasted artichokes, red peppers, wild mushrooms, plum tomato, basil, and mozzarella.

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Credit: Tavola